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Our Journal is filled with recipes, philosophical musings, tools to be a better human, tips for travel, meditation, yoga as well as the latest special offerings and events from The Broad Place

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    Rising Early

    The image above is from a morning sunrise we watched in Coalcliff yesterday. Waking up early, in the darkness of the morning is hands down one of my most pleasurable times of day. But it wasn’t always so. I’ve had a vast mix ofRead More

    Bird by Bird

    I’m deeply concerned with my own brain at the moment, let alone Arran and Marley’s, and that of my students, actually, let alone the whole of society’s. We are literally fraying at the minds edges in an overload of digital media and technology. AsRead More

    A Compassionate Life

    Compassion sounds so beautiful doesn’t it. Images of the Dalai Lama and Gandhi spring to mind, of those with wise, compassionate souls, always endeared to looking out for others. How lovely. Then after that brief moment we’re back to screeching at our kids toRead More

    Vedic Meditation Initiator Training 2017-2018

    The Broad Place Vedic Initiator Teaching Training The Broad Place are thrilled to announce our Integrated Vedic Meditation Initiator Training (I.T.) Program with Jacqui Lewis. We have our first intake of teachers currently undertaking their program, and another group launching mid March 2017. ThereRead More