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5 Ways to Work with Nature

It is very often that we forget we are 100% made up of nature. We are so attached to all our technology and updates and connectivity, that it can be disconcerting to stop and think about the fact that we are our own micro ecosystem living in a larger natural universe.

Getting back to nature and in essence, coming back to our true nature is easy, and here are 5 simple ways in which you can work with nature.

1. The most obvious, is to get out into nature. This doesn’t have to be lengthy bush walks or long swims in the sea, and can be as simple as sitting on the grass without shoes on, allowing ourselves to get a little wet when the rain comes or witnessing a sunrise.

2. Consume nature. Opt for whole foods; vegetables and fruits, grains and herbs and reduce what comes out of a packet. If your grandma wouldn’t recognise it, it’s probably not natural.

3. Take a few moments each day to absorb some sunlight, and see the way in which the sun plays across all objects.

4. Disconnect from technology for an hour upon waking and an hour before sleeping. We call this Power Down Hour and it makes up part of our 7 Day Mind Cleanse. In this time, take some time to simply be. Just be with your thoughts for a while, rest your body and relax your mind and take some time to think about what the day involves or what occurred earlier.

5. Take note of your own personal nature and note it lightly. Be aware of your thoughts, your own patterns and beliefs and values and don’t buy into them too deeply. Understand that you are nature, and that your ego is not. That your natural essence is one of harmony and love. That jealousy and fear are unnatural and you don’t need to buy into them. Favour elegance and charm over disharmony and allow your purest nature to shine through.

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