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A Daily Commitment

As we begin to dive into into 2018, I wanted to share a mantra, a daily commitment to move beyond our thoughts about the world, what the thoughts of others thinking about us might look like, thoughts dominated by past and future, and get present.

A reminder that all I need I have within me.

All the beauty, grace, intelligence, compassion, generosity and authenticity and love are here and now within me. 

I need not prove anything, object anything, dispute or rage against anything. 

I can be strong and firm and be without opinions. 

I can be in alignment and in flow and still be in alignment and in flow and still question.

I need not be snagged on anything without consequence.

I will not be negative, engage with gossip or be unkind. 

I will speak sweet truth, always. 

I will give every situation, very human the benefit of the doubt.

I will assume love first before alterior motives. 

I will move from the present moment and not from past conditioning. 

I am and forever will be made of the same matters and the starts and will not forget it. 

I am forever and will be, love.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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