Advanced Technique Workshop – The Broad Place

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Advanced Technique Workshop

Open to all Vedic meditators who have been meditating for a year or more and want to take their practice to the next level. This workshop will involve a Vedic ceremony, each student will receive their personal mantra, we will meditate as a group and then Jac will have a philosophy and knowledge session on the new meditation practice, the results of which will be felt daily and ongoing. How to integrate this practice more into daily life, and take it from a regular eyes closed practice into an eyes open in the world experience will be discussed also, with plenty of time for questions and answers! Beautiful Ayurvedic teas and treats will also be served.

Sunday October 29th; 12PM-2PM

The Investment

The investment is $440 incl GST per person and for each student, The Broad Place will donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation and restore eyesight in those in need in the indigenous communities of Australia. For each student that learns to close their eyes, we ensure someone else opens theirs.