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All Those Thoughts – Which To Choose

In a sea of 80,000-90,000 thoughts a day it’s challenging to know which are helpful, real, genuine, creative and which are crap. We are literally bombarded daily with observations, negativity, desires, wants, shame etc, and that’s just what’s going on inside, let alone what is being generated from external triggers.
So when we are spiraling down a worm hole of thinking, stuck in a thought eddy that has taken us out of the flowing river of present moment awareness, we can do this; ask ourselves
– Is this line of thinking even true?
– Is it helping me be a kinder more loving person?
– Can I drop it if it’s not moving me in that direction of love?
It takes awareness only to handbrake the stream of useless thoughts and to step in and find our truth.
Jac x
Photo of Jobi at Big Sur, from a beautiful trip Marley and I took in the redwoods and oceans of that special place.

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