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Are You Ready? I Am VERY Ready…

Arran and I are right now in Tokyo, leaving this evening after our last minute, very fulfilling trip here. We were having the most fantastic Summer, settling into our phenomenal new home in Palm Beach and hanging with family and friends. it was lazy and languid, and involved a lot of sitting around doing not very much, surrounded by either trees and birds or ocean and sunshine. We have been pottering and tinkering on projects and integrating working from home slowly into our days over 5 long hot weeks. The days would start very early, usually 3 swims a day, home cooked meals, lots of reading, seeing movies and roughing around with Marley. And then it hit us. We were suddenly, out of nowhere, desperate for a hit of Tokyo. Inspiration, creativity and clarity is what we get each time we are immersed in our favourite city, so we booked a flight and headed over a few days later. It’s been incredible. It was just what we needed. There is so much that we learn every time we are here. While Arran has been drawing and designing, I’ve been working on articles and a very special online course for you on the philosophy of Zen, all of which we’ll share over the coming months.

There is a sense for me of being a toddler while here in Japan. I can’t quite understand what everyone is saying. I get lost frequently, I’m in awe of everything, I jog when I get excited, I want to skip around and peer into every window and down every lane. I’m in a little bubble of being unable to read anything, and having to concentrate a lot. I unashamedly stare at people, buildings, into houses. I seem to constantly make a mess when I eat, and I feel loud and obnoxious compared to the petite, quiet Japanese. It’s seriously what I remember of being a small child. And it’s wonderful. Having my wingman Arran through the whole process is the icing on the cake. We exist together on a small leaf, floating around this intense city, very curious, and it’s an intimate and powerful experience. We have to team together to get around, communicate, remember what we’re doing and where we are going. It sets us up perfectly for our life and collaboration at home.

We fly home tonight, and land in Sydney tomorrow and I am absolutely with every cell in my body thirsty to teach and share. You know that feeling where you feel utterly primed to engage with something? Well that’s me after 6 weeks vacation and creative immersion (and you would bloody hope so let’s be honest!!).

I’ve got lots you can engage with on so many levels, and we are proudly venturing deeper into our digital options so you can join us from anywhere in the world for a lot of what we offer. For the sake of reading this with ease I’ll bullet point it all below.


6pm Introductory Talk on Meditation

Join us at our Paddington School at 6pm, or live ONLINE from anywhere in the world to gain clarity on meditation as a whole, the technique I teach and how you can learn it. Details are HERE.

7pm First Group Knowledge and Meditation Meeting for the Year!!

If you’re a Vedic or Transcendental Meditator, please join us at our Paddington School at 7pm, or live ONLINE from anywhere in the world to refine your practice and absorb knowledge. This will be a super juicy meeting including a group meditation. Details are HERE.


A truly inspiring Broad Place Meditation course, where I will teach you how to every day tap into the well of clarity, creativity and expanded consciousness you have within you. This is a 3 part course over multiple sessions. Details can be found HERE.

Want a Meditation Refresh?

If you have already learnt with me, then I would love you to join us again for a refine and polish. Re-sitting the course with us is part of your course fee and you can join us as many times as you please. You come only for The Saturday and Sunday sessions, as remember the first session is the beautiful ancient ceremony and receiving of your mantra which you already have!). If you would like to also join in live online for this component, as you are not in Sydney, you are more than welcome to! Email and our team will sort you out with links.

I Already Practice But I Am Keen To Learn With The Broad Place!

We have many students who wish to learn this technique again from the start with The Broad Place, having already learnt Vedic or TM, to experience our unique style and access all our ongoing support and knowledge. If this is you, email and our team will provide detail on how to sit a Bridging Course.


I am hosting a one off Intention Setting and Manifestation Workshop, which you can join in person or live ONLINE from anywhere in the world. This is going to be very intense and provide you with lots of knowledge and tools to help you get really clear on what you are bringing into your life. Details are HERE, I would love to have you join me on this.


We also have courses in Broad Place Meditation in February in Sydney as well as lots of Introductory Talks and Group Knowledge Meetings. You can check out all the dates HERE.


We have a few spectacular (and I don’t use this word lightly) Retreats in 2017. Our Byron Bay Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness Retreat is hosted at Atlantic in May, details are HERE and our India Retreat is almost full now, and the Early Bird Rate finishes up on February 9th. So if you wish to take advantage of a great discount on this, please check it out HERE.

These newsletters take an immense amount of time to put together, and I really hope that the content of them you enjoy. I hope they bring you clarity and inspire you. I would love your feedback on what you wish to read about. So please hit me back with an email if you have anything to share. (And yes I know my grammar is rather horrific, but I write these and then send them out without having a proofer read them, as it would firstly take too much time, and secondly I write when inspiration hits).

With love,


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