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Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

We know this to be true; where we place our attention, energy will flow. So awareness of where we place our attention is absolutely key. As we’ll manifest whatever we are lasering our thoughts to. In my personal quest to find the underlying truth to everything in my life, I’m always asking ‘is that actually true?’, as I’ve learnt countless times that the answer is 99% of the time, a big fat no. It’s a prejudice, a belief, in fact sometimes it’s just a plain made up lie. My mind is dancing around trying to work out life, getting it incorrect. Most of the time the answer is also ‘I have no idea’. But as the mind doesn’t like that answer, and would prefer to make it up over not know, it will feed me some rubbish. We have to be careful not to buy into it. If our attention is flowing over and over an untruth, a negative point, a fear and so on, our energy is being applied to that and giving it power.

I heard this somewhere, wrote it down and I can’t now remember where it was from, although I think it was a Netflix documentary…and I love it. It was about something else entirely, but I loved it as an application for our runaway thinking. I’ve added a few bits and pieces to the equation….


Stay Calm – pause, breath.

Think – Where is the truth in this? (Am I making it up, exaggerating, can it actually harm me?)

Observe – it’s just the mind going about its business, we don’t need to get caught up in the thoughts

Plan – Question What Next

With the last one, Plan, I like to ask this ‘is the level of discomfort I am experiencing in proportion to the actual event OR is the discomfort coming from the direct level of attention I am giving the discomfort. As if I continue to engage with how awful this feels (attention flow), I know I will feel worse (energy flow). Most of the time, for me personally, all of the time, I feel crap as I’m thinking about feeling crap. It’s not really about what’s going on. A moment in time triggered a sequence of emotions that I bought into, sweated over, and now I feel worse. Time to STOP and admit that it’s just a human being moment. It’s a nice little extraction method.

I really love the saying ‘was it a bad 5 minutes, or 5 minutes turned into a whole bad day’…

Jac x

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