B O O K  C L U B – The Five Invitations – The Broad Place

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B O O K  C L U B – The Five Invitations

We have been trying out our idea for The Broad Place Book Club, and there have been lots of learnings! The first is that for it to work we would love for you to engage with the Forum that we have online. I love everyone for Direct Messaging me on Instagram to share their thoughts, BUT it means that we miss the opportunity for community and sharing.

The next book is a book dear to me, The Five Invitations by Frank Ostaseski, who co-­founded the Zen Hospice Project in the USA. The byline is ‘discovering what death can teach us about living fully’, which don’t take for being morbid, but a beautiful request to live a full and beautiful life, with a guide on how to live in alignment, and understand our fears, our mortality and what it means to be alive. Chapters include The Doorway to Possibility, The Maturation of Hope, Love Heals, Don’t Be A Role Be A Soul, Taming the Inner Critic and The Calm In The Storm.

I really look forward to your thoughts, contributions and also please don’t hesitate to add ‘if you like this you might also like book X’ suggestions for all the other students!

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I would also like to see if anyone would be interested in hosting a The Broad Place Book Club Meeting on the book we are all reading, something local to you, with whoever is in your local area. It could be a single evening/morning at your house, as a Host, with a format we would supply, as a free event to share thoughts on creativity, consciousness and gain clarity on the book of discussion. We are thinking once every few months. A conscious gathering to share intellectual conversation, a laugh, and some tea. If this sounds delightful, please just hit me back with a Book Club Host Potential in the subject line and we’ll file that away for if we can get this off the ground!

Sent with love,

Jac x