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Be Happy, Now

It’s incredibly easy to project into the future and make excuses for why we are frustrated/unhappy/cranky/dissatisfied with the present. Some of us think that life will be easier/less stressed/calmer/more fun/more creative/more interesting at a later date. That we’ll start eating better tomorrow, get fit next week, learn a tool we know will make us a better person in a month, and travel someplace fabulous next year. Soon, when times aren’t as tough, we’ll be more generous and calm, more loving towards themselves and others. We’ll be happier, inspired, creative, and the best version of themselves someday, but now is not the time. It’s simply not possible right now due to a range of reasons that we continue to create.

Well we need to stop kidding ourselves. This is just an excuse for not being content now. Now is EXACTLY the right time to be who you need to be, to be happier. Yes, right now. You’re already on the right path simply this post, awareness is already there, and you have a thirst for it or this wouldn’t have struck your interest.

So together we’ll take small steps. It’s really just about a heightened sense of awareness, that allows us to make the right choices. And it’s about starting small. Each day, the question must be posed continually – will I feel better doing this or worse? Am I aiding my evolution or stalling it? For example, if I go for that walk will I feel happier, or better without it? Will I feel healthier if I drink half a bottle of wine or if I go without tonight? Will losing my temper over something small in a few hours, make me feel proud of who I am, or make me feel regret? Will taking 10 minutes for a quiet cup of tea or coffee help me be more productive for the rest of the work day, or can I really not spare the time? Is making excuses for not meditating this afternoon a good use of my time, or am I going to feel more grounded and have more clarity if I just meditated, even if for only 10-15 minutes?

Every day we need to tackle the small things. As it’s the small actions that lead into bigger actions. It’s honestly no wonder we put off our own happiness, as sometimes the thought of everything we need to do to achieve this is simply too huge to tackle. So start small. Fill each day with a little something you love (Joyriding), and manage situations in a way that make you proud, and treat your body and digestion with respect and love, and nurture your mind. Work on your relationships and friendships with little things, manageable things that make a difference, if only to you at first, and how you feel.

High Grade Living is about choosing the best in every moment and letting the low grade fall away. Take this thought with you in everything you do ‘will this bring me happiness, or take away from it’ and then make an educated decision.

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