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Beginners Mind

Beginners Mind is a Buddhist and Zen concept of approaching everything as if it’s the first time.

What would our days look like without all the beliefs, prejudices and biases?

How would we respond without all the back story?

What kind of justifications and defenses and ego positioning would we let go of if this truly was the very first time for everything, and our last time?

Because it is. In our Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness Workshop last Saturday (which was so wonderful we are going to host it again a few times a year) I spoke about ‘first time, last time’. That in reality, every single thing we do is the first time and the last time we will ever do it, as our cellular body and our consciousness are constantly shifting. So even though it’s the same bed perhaps, and the same room, and the same pyjamas etc, it’s actually the first and last time you will ever sleep and wake, just like that. Same goes each time we meditate, we open our eyes slightly expanded, changed, forever. Every cup of tea, every goodbye kiss, every sunrise. First time, last time.

What would life look like, if we embraced this reality 100%?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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