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Beneath The Surface

Captain Cook was one of the most celebrated explorers in the world. He spent decades discovering unchartered territory, and what the world had to offer.

However, interestingly, he could never swim. So although he spent his years navigating the seas of the world, he didn’t explore beneath them. Reports say that he was terrified of the water and of swimming in it. Think for a moment on all he missed out on. The beautiful unexplored depths of the ocean, all the beauty, the entire worlds that reside under the surface.

We are ourselves great explorers of our own lives. Or are we? We certainly would like to think we are adventurous and live a life examined. Or is it all surface level? How often do you take the time to dive beneath the surface to see what’s there? Beyond the emotional surface and conscious depths that you have within you?

I encourage you to dive within and explore, as a plethora of experiences and discoveries lie there. Meditation is the fastest and most accessible way to dive within. If you’re interested in finding out more about learning to meditate, you can find some more information here.

(Note. Captain James Cook’s lack of ability to swim is the resulting factor in his death, as when they were attacked, he could not swim away from natives that chased him, and he stood in knee deep water before being knocked unconscious and being killed).

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