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Are You Brave Enough To Audit

High Grade Living is about living the best life we can, with the tools and knowledge to grant us access to our inner wisdom, so that we are always accessing the higher part of ourselves. So that our decisions and actions are coming from a high vibrational part of us, not the lower version of ourselves. How can we actively access that greater consciousness, and operate from that place of peace, calm and surrender instead of the old burnt out paradigms and belief systems that hold us back is what I am really interested in.

In my research and writing on the philosophy of High Grade Living, one of the key steps is to AUDIT. At all times really. Taking a deeper look, scratching well beneath the surface to see if we are acting from our souls and higher selves or just wandering around blithely like elephants in china shops, frustrated and pissed off that the same old things keep happening to us.

Auditing is a process whereby we can honestly, earnestly and curiously take a deep breath and a look at ourselves and our accountability. Are we in alignment? Where are we not and why?

Spend a little time today (and every day) being curious with these questions, and you’ll be fascinated at how much they can reveal. If you’re finding it frustrating, back off it a bit. It’s meant to be a gentle process (note my above use of the word curious, it’s playful and fun, not shameful or angry).

If you find you get stuck and this is something you want to look into personally, I conduct transformational one on one Mentoring, and you can book in a single session with me here.

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