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Comfort Zones

Comfort zones would have to be one of the most boring places to hang out in for extended periods of time. I’m going to go as far as to say they’re also dangerous. Now usually when we think of comfort zones we think big radical stuff, such as in order to break out of them we need to leap out of planes, launch new projects, go on a sabbatical.

And I do wonder if this ‘dramatic’ take on them means we stay in them even longer, because we think ‘well as if’, and delay.

The kind of comfort zones I want to discuss though are the little ones. The small hidden pockets, the shadowy corners. Let’s all take a look at our mini zones and bust out of them first.

Where do we tell consistent white lies? ‘Sorry I’m late the traffic was hell’ instead of ‘I didn’t leave enough time to get here and I left home too late’

Where do we hide from the day? Lying in bed too long and skipping our morning meditation and exercise?

Where do we pretend the world can’t actually live without us for 20 minutes while we meditate in the day? Staying glued to screens and busy-mess instead of accessing that greater part of ourselves.

Where do we consistently eat crappy food, eat for our emotions over hunger, hate ourselves for it, but keep going? This kind of comfort zone can be an ongoing work in progress…

Where are we telling ourselves an intricate story to keep ourselves safe and small?

It’s time now to move beyond this, to partake in our growth and evolution, and to take it all as one big experiment where we have nothing to lose…

Jac x

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