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How To Create More Time

The transcontinental railroads led to the invention of time zones. For the first time, everyone needed to be in sync, regardless of what village one lived in. A few generations later, we’re in all in sync, to the second, thanks to the computers in our pockets.

Time is borrowed, wasted, spent. We find the time, slow down time, take our time. Its Miller, quitting, clobberin time. We focus on the stitch in time, hard time, closing time, not to mention big time, daylight savings time, race against time, the first time, a last time, in due time, in the nick of time…Time is so variable, so based on our experience, that the absolute measure of time is almost meaningless. Don’t even get me started about relativity and time travel!

Time on a long bus trip goes so much slower than time spent doing what we love with people we care about. We’ll pay $500 to buy an hour in some circumstances, but refuse to pay a $5 premium to save an hour in others.

Time doesn’t exist, not in a way that matters to most people. The story we tell ourselves about time, though, is the overriding narrative of our day to day lives. So be mindful of how you think, speak and contribute to yours and others perception of time. We want to be abundant, not impoverished.

If you’re interested in creating more time in your days, and expanding into the day to day moments, I suggest learning Vedic Meditation. Those that practice it report a perceived increase in time, and a clarity that enables them to be more dynamic in their days. You can find out more information here

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