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Course Category: Learn live

  • 4 Months

    The Empowered Woman Program

    Start Date: 4th March - 4th July Live Online Globally. Join our four month immersion of group study modules and one on one mentoring to learn about leadership through the lens of neuroscience, psychology, and somatic and learn modules, modalities and tools to apply in your leadership

  • 9 days

    India Retreat

    Start Date: 4th to 12th September We have curated this luxurious Retreat for those who wish to come to India, and have a truly nurturing time, have their every need met, and all of the potential stress removed from the experience of travel in India. We have curated an experience after hosting many Retreats in India so that you can have a spiritual journey, a learning experience, space for transformation, and complete pampering for mind and body!

  • 10 Days

    The Still Point Retreat

    Start Date: 1st July 2024 - We are hosting this retreat at the organic farm of Wybalena with a palm tree surrounded pool, infrared sauna, enormous gardens, kilometres of new walking tracks, and renovated rooms. This Retreat will be organised by us here at The Broad Place, and hosted by Mutribo.

  • 6 Weeks
    • TCW Regular Rate - 575.00AUD

    The Confident Woman

    Start Date: July 9th, 2024 - We will focus on a span of wisdom, intuition, neuroscience, and tools to balance the somatic body and thinking mind.

    • Annual Membership - 252.00AUD / year with a 7-day free trial
    • Monthly Membership - 29.00AUD / month

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    9 Lessons

    Conversations with Mutribo and Jacqui to bring the highest teachings to the everyday

  • Total time 6 hrs 1200AUD

    Integrated Meditation

    This course offers you a meditation practice that can engage and inspire for a lifetime. We have translated ancient wisdom into modern understanding to create a course that leaves behind outdated ideas and values, focusing in on tools that are relevant and adaptable for modern lives. Derived from the art of transcendence, Integrated Meditation provides you with the opportunity to dive deep into meditation to allow for greater clarity, creativity and consciousness within yourself and your life. This course will empower you to be able to lessen the stress, anxiety and exhaustion of modern living and in the process elevate your creativity, resilience and clarity.

  • Private Mentoring

    Are you looking for one on one sessions to help you gain insight and increase clarity? The Broad Place mentoring maybe perfect for you!

  • 5 Months
    • Meditation Teacher Training - 5,750.00AUD

    Meditation Teacher Training

    Start Date: 29th Apr - 1st Oct. 'Live Online Globally. Wish to teach multitudes of meditation techniques with authenticity, your heart and be able to be of service in the world? Join our 6 month meditation teacher training program from anywhere in the world'.

  • 3 Months
    • Meditation and Philosophy Immersion - 2,875.00AUD

    Three Month Meditation Immersion

    Start Date: 29th Apr to 25th July 'Live Online Globally. A huge self development and meditation process learning multiple meditation techniques and the philosophy and lineages behind them over three immersive months of self transformation'.