Course in Vedic Knowledge with Jeff Kober – SOLD OUT – The Broad Place

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Course in Vedic Knowledge with Jeff Kober – SOLD OUT


We set ourselves the immense task of hosting a massive nine month long program for expansion and engagement unlike any other with a dear friend and respected meditation teacher and Vedic Scholar Jeff Kober. The first part of this 5 part Course was sat by 40 students in the intimate setting of The Broad Place (and live streamed online from students in New York) and was nothing short of phenomenal.  I have personally never experienced such an authentic delivery of knowledge, tools, and raw experiences. Ever. The applicable nature of Vedic philosophy was unparalleled. I have sat Jeff’s original Course in Vedic Knowledge, and this was delivered to another level I hadn’t even thought possible.

There will be a first session taken in person with Jacqui Lewis for the ceremony and advanced techniques to be given in person (if you have sat Exploring The Veda you will already have these) and then the recordings of Part 1 by Jeff will be supplied to you so you can be in alignment with the group. You will be invited to join the online community that has been created for this specific group, with recordings, reading lists and notes to be continually added and further support from Jeff and Jacqui to be supplied through questions and answers.  The following 4 weekends can be completed in person on the designated dates or online through live streaming should you now be in Sydney.

Some of the feedback from students who sat Part 1…

“I’m flawed! I’ve been studying Vedic Meditation for around 8 years and never really got how it applied to my life. It was all very theoretical and old world. I now not only have a practical framework, but have started to really embody the knowledge. I finally get it! Feeling very satisfied and blown away, and can already start to notice changes in the world around me. It’s also just the beginning… To add to the joy, Jeff is so audaciously real, calling things as they are it’s beyond refreshing, and such a great pleasure to hang with. Easily one of the best investments I’ve made.” Sandra Hyde

“The first instalment of the Course in Vedic Knowledge with Jeff Kober, hosted by Jacqui Lewis at The Broad Place, far surpassed any expectation I could have ever conceived. This is a sacred knowledge I have been so thirsty for on so many levels for many years. To have it delivered live by the infectious and effervescent Jeff for life in 2016 in such an intimate setting was truly phenomenal. Each of us gripping onto the edge of our seats, sharing and feeling alive (if not a little daunted) by the shift that lies ahead for each of us. Now to put it all into practice. Thank you Jeff and Jacqui from the centre of my heart. Cannot wait for the next instalment… Jai Guru Deva” Anna Young

“The course in Vedic knowledge with Jeff is one is the greatest things I have done for myself. Jeff’s delivery of the course was honest and authentic, I have come away from it feeling inspired, motivated and well equipped with the tools needed to take this ancient knowledge and integrate it into my daily life. I’m starting to look at the world through fresh new eyes and I’m loving every bit of it!” Emily Snape

Please contact us for more information

COURSE IN VEDIC KNOWLEDGE – the original content…

The remarkable, honest, authentic Vedic scholar Jeff Kober is coming to teach a giant course in Vedic knowledge at The Broad Place, and we couldn’t be more chuffed!!

Vedic knowledge can be a challenge to really sink your teeth into at times as it’s so valuable but scarcely available for Western minds. I asked my friend, colleague and mentor Jeff Kober about this and lamented how there’s no ‘little book of Veda’ like there are books on the Buddha at the airport. He said that would be like trying to describe a rose to a blind person that’s never seen such a flower. You can’t just say ‘it’s a flower’. For them to understand, you have to describe it intimately, allow them to smell it, feel a thorn, the long stem, run a petal over their palm, describe the vibration of contrasting colours. It’s a beautiful way to describe the immersion of Vedic knowledge and its many facets. It involves not just explanation but experience of it.

After personally studying Vedic knowledge now for 8 years, and Eastern knowledge for 18, I appreciate that it is something we need to absorb and put into action, and not just acquire. I’ve been undertaking the Exploring The Veda course for years now, and have hosted it at The Broad Place in 2015 and 2016. It’s remarkable. I have thirsted though personally for a live interactive experience of learning Vedanta. I saw that Jeff was hosting a course live, his interpretation of Vedic knowledge, though in Los Angeles. So I streamed in live from Sydney at 2.30am daily and sat the course with him. It was incredible. I knew then that we had to share this with Australia. The live experience was unparalleled. The neural pathways engage much more in an ‘active learning’ environment. When undertaking passive learning, there is a limitation to the experience due to ‘convergent thinking’ where only one answer takes place. With active, or experiential learning, divergent thinking (big picture thinking, with the mind engaging with variations of creative ideas and solutions) takes place. Active learning allows for a deep understanding of the concepts, which is a very rich experience and is ultimately empowering. We at The Broad Place are thrilled to be able to offer this for the first time in Australia with Vedic knowledge and a teacher such as Jeff Kober!!

The applicable knowledge is unparalleled. This is not just esoteric philosophy that can’t be relayed into a modern world. After undertaking this course, the day to day experience of the world shifts dramatically. An understanding of love, relationships, the universe and it’s laws, nature and it’s processes leads students living an incredibly inspired life. Purpose and dharma are explored, karma and creation. This ancient knowledge has been handed down for thousands of years and now to have it translated into a modern context is a gift to oneself like no other.

I can’t wait to experience this with you soon,



We have committed to creating this learning experience as a 5 part series of education, with incredible bonuses, a live interactive learning experience like no other with continued support and education. Of the 5 parts, 2 of these will involve Jeff flying to Sydney from Los Angeles and the other 3 will be live with him from Los Angeles over live video. This course will be dense with not only knowledge but techniques and practices. As such, it is a prerequisite that students already practice Vedic Meditation and Rounding. If you haven’t learnt Vedic Meditation, we are hosting at The Broad Place many courses in Vedic Meditation prior to the first weekend. If you haven’t learnt Rounding but already meditate in our tradition please contact us so we can notify you if we are hosting a Workshop soon or we can put you in touch with another teacher in Sydney who is teaching Rounding soon.

This course will be inclusive of the following –

– full weekend immersions of knowledge and experience

– all live lectures and knowledge sessions with Jeff

– live Q+A sessions

– advanced Vedic techniques and tools

– a take home study program

– access to a private online group for questions, community support from other students learning and answers from Jeff

– nourishing meals including breakfast, lunches and dinner on the relevant days

– organic teas and snacks

and will be hosted non residentially in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs over 5 weekends or live streamed into your home.

The Course Dates

CVK 1 – Friday evening 4th November, full day Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November until 2pm 2016

CVK 2 -Friday evening 31st March, full day Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April until 2pm 2017

CVK 3 – Friday evening 28th April, full day Saturday 29th April and Sunday 30th until 2pm 2017

CVK 4 –  Friday evening 9th June, full day Saturday 10th June and Sunday 11th June until 2pm 2017

CVK 5 –  Friday evening 25th August, full day Saturday 26th August and Sunday 27th August until 2pm 2017

Additional Notes

– This is a one off experience in Australia, and is unlikely to be repeated

– If you can’t make one of the weekend course dates, we can discuss your potentially receiving the recording to listen to remotely

– If you are an Initiator of Vedic Meditation, or training as an Initiator you are applicable for a discount, please contact us to discuss.

– If you have already studied Exploring The Vedas and wish to discuss joining a particular component/weekend live, please contact us directly, we are currently creating a wait list and should places be available we can get in touch and discuss your attendance.

The Investment

The investment will be a deposit to secure your place of $1,500 including GST and then three instalments of $990  which will be direct debited on these dates

Second payment Thurs 1st December
Third payment Thurs 2nd February
Fourth payment Thurs 2nd March

To Secure Your Place – email us

For all enquiries and bookings please email and we will respond with some questions, further details and also payment details.

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