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3 Months
There are no published lessons in this course yet.

A three-month deep dive into understanding yourself, the world you are creating, and how to better it.

We are now taking applications for a selection of students into a private mentoring program spanning 3 months one on one with Jacqui, starting mid-Feb and continuing until mid-May 2023. The specific aim is to grace you with clarity, presence, more self-compassion and understanding, and a clear map of the year. We will focus on values, learnings, areas of focus, invitations, and pauses. There will also be room to explore concurrent themes in your personal and work lives and see where an invitation for a better living may lie. You may choose to focus on your personal life, spiritual life or work life, or a combination of all three.

This will be a three-month deep dive into understanding yourself, the world you are creating, and how to better it. If you are looking for more flow, more grace, and lateral creative thinking, as well as expansiveness and clearer mindsets. This will be a supportive integration of philosophy, guidance, support, and tools.

– living a values-aligned life – if you have ever worked with Jacqui on values you know the intriguing and expansive approach she takes. This will give you a much sharper sense of how you are, what’s important to you and how to align with that in all aspects of life

This three-month program will involve one on one sessions with Jacqui, as well as tools and practices that span the three months, a concise reading list, and support in between sessions. There are two packages available including a more intensive one with more one on one sessions with Jac. We will send you these options should your application be successful and we can discuss them more together.


– key learnings from 2022 and how to integrate them into this year for deeper reconciliation and progress

– direction for 2023 and a road map with accountability

– tools and integrative understandings on how to progress into your higher self this coming year

– self compassion and forgiveness as a practice

– learning about your nervous system (which is 80% of your experience of the world including reactions and emotions) and how to balance and stabilise yourself

– support in making changes for yourself, that your future self will thank you for

– creativity, clarity, and spirituality


We will get in touch shortly! But don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.