Be Your Best Self with Bonus Live Call – The Broad Place

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7 Days
  • Be Your Best Self with Bonus Live Call - 45.00AUD
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If you wish to pace through with Jac and the other students globally, we will start on Mon 17th July and meet half way through live on the video call for a guided meditation experience and Q+A session with Jac. You are also welcome to take this course as slowly as you like, and you will have access to the material for a year including the live call with Jac. 

Be Your Best Self is a carefully curated 7 day program for you to begin the process of releasing yourself from being a prisoner of your thoughts and learn how to become a pioneer of your future. The Broad Place Be Your Best Self Program is designed to help you practically begin the journey of restoring your emotional balance and harmony by getting your mind to operate more creatively, with increased positivity and greater clarity. We’ll begin work on replacing old stagnant thinking with innovative thinking where you’re ultimately more in control of your mind, thought patterns and essentially your happiness.

The Be Your Best Self Program has 7 Study modules, which you can pace through as you like. Some students do a few a day and revisit as they wish, and others do once a day. Some do once a week and really absorb everything that the module has to offer, it’s totally up to you!

Daily audio talks distilling the essence of each topic covered:

✓ Daily articles that elaborate on each topic

✓ Daily worksheets to help make practical use of the knowledge covered in each topic

✓ Daily ‘Delve Deeper’ section for those wanting to explore further

✓ A bonus ‘Broaden Meditation‘ for you to begin practically creating inner space

✓ A complete recourses section at the end of the modules with all of our references and top picks for extending your learning

Don’t have the time for lengthy audio talks and dense material? Neither do we. We’ve distilled down all of the teachings to digestible sized pieces that pack the most punch. Ultimate effectiveness for the time-poor.