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This is your GO-TO program if you’ve been itching to meditate with purpose, see results and specifically enhance your creativity, clarity and consciousness through modern tools and techniques. Whether you already meditate (this is your booster pack), or are brand new to meditation, we have you covered. If you’re just bored with meditation, this is what you have been thirsting. Enhance is how to PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE.

We created this program to help us all be our best selves. It is for anyone that needs practical education, no-nonsense knowledge and also inspiring wisdom. Providing you with lifelong tools and meditation practices inspired by both ancient knowledge and modern neuroscience to guide you on your path to a high-grade life.

In this course you will be experiencing 3 modules: Clarity, Consciousness, and Creativity and within each module, you will receive an in-depth exploration of how to enhance each in your life, complete with video, audio and written content that make up lessons, tools, and meditation practices for you to dive into.

At The Broad Place, we believe spirituality is simply getting to know yourself on a deeper level in order to become more aligned with your highest grade self. you want help in a particular area, say expanding your consciousness or experiencing more creativity in your life, this is the program for you!





A Fully Integrated Program

Enhance has been created especially for individuals that need ancient knowledge made applicable to modern living. It is a distillation of decades of our own personal study and practices, into the essence of what we know works through teaching thousands of students personally.It’s what we know, what we have tried and tested and what we love.

This entire program has been created so you can access it anywhere you have Wifi, learn on the go, at your own pace, and then keep the knowledge, tools, meditations and practices for life – as well as support and access to everything with us!

In Depth Introductions and Detailed Lessons

Each area begins with a high-level overview of Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness that will define with what each is, what might block it for you, and what the course will offer holistically and how to navigate it to your personal benefit. Each deep learning lesson will take you step by step through education on how to approach each area of your life. We will take you to the roots, causes, outcomes and approaches on how to enhance each area in your life. We will discuss Blocks in more detail and how you may not even realise your lifestyle may be negatively impacting it’s growth. We then we arm you with detailed knowledge on how to enhance your life in these three areas.

Everything we have filmed on video, we also have transcribed so you can watch or read at your own pace.


Your Individual Meditations

These are the meditations we personally use to boost our regular daily practice when we need them. Now we share them with you.

Each module has its own dedicated meditations that are uniquely designed to enhance that particular area of your life at any given time. Whether you are after a huge boost in clarity, or wish to be more conscious, compassionate and kind, or you need to immerse yourself into a creative space, we have you covered.

These meditations we guide you through on video, and also through audio, created in a modality that optimises your learning experience. We also have transcripts so you can step through them without listening, and print outs so that you can also learn these independently. However you best learn, we will have you meditating in alignment to YOU. 


Your Curated Tools

Knowledge and Meditation are excellent, however, when we layer in detailed tools, you will be able to truly Enhance your life outside of your practice. Tools are great, but they have to be implemented to be of use or they’ll go blunt! That’s why we have created short tools you can use at any moment you need them.

Our Enhance Tools sections will present actionable steps that you can take to help unblock yourself and enliven your life. This component of the program includes high level detailed implementation to help you integrate this knowledge into your life, and we step you through it all piece by piece.  The type of tool will vary but may consist of ideas, writing prompts, or daily challenges. This component of the program includes high level detailed implementation to help you integrate this knowledge into your life, and we step you through it all piece by piece. 


Your Private Interactive Forum

This is our Enhancers Members Only Section. We don’t just want you learning, practising and experiencing the Enhance Program, we want you to be a part of an online community, where you can interact with other Enhancers and receive guidance and feedback from us. Supporting you is what we do best.