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    Welcome! I have found that even once we make the commitment to serve our higher selves, our energy brightens, our clarity increases and our consciousness expands. It’s like our hearts and souls sing for what they wanted all along, and the universe conspires to help us! This what this Challenge is all about; to allow ourselves to expand, connect to our hearts and serve our higher selves on every level.

    The Broad Place High Vibrational Living 14 Day Challenge. This gorgeous little program stems from something that Emily and I did a year ago. We were sitting in my home in Palm Beach after a giant day of strategy and program creation, and we were lounging around drinking tea with a dog each on our laps, and we started talking about all the individual things we were doing at the time to raise our vibration. At the time we were 6 weeks out from heading to India together to co-host a Retreat with our friends Jeff and Adele. We both agreed we wanted to be at our absolute best for this Retreat, operating at our personal optimum. We have created so many Retreats for The Broad Place students, I think it’s now over 20 Retreats in Australia and India – and Em has assisted me and taught in so many of them. We both know deeply – our personal vibration needs to be at its highest, we need to be at our most mentally stable, and clear, and dynamic, to hold space for that many people in an intense Retreat environment, and in India no less, the land of chaos! So we pulled things we knew worked and created a very brief High Vibration Living manifesto. Within a few days even, we marvelled at how insanely amazing we felt. At the two week mark, we were on fire!

    A year later, I personally wanted to take this to a whole new level, incorporating more detailed research and philosophies as well as really practical tools and techniques that I had been playing with for years. I have been learning so much about raising our personal vibration and I can’t wait to share it all with you! We all know deep down what works for us, but sometimes we just need a map, a plan, and a community of like-minded people to make the sustainable changes you know you need.


    • If you’re feeling flat and a little uninspired – YES
    • If you want to reset your meditation practice and commit to twice a day meditations and understand what makes accountable and the inner workings of why you can’t fit it in – YES
    • If you know full well what doesn’t work for you, yet you’re finding the discipline to pause unhealthy behaviours, and want a community to work through it with – YES
    • You have some self-limiting beliefs that you know aren’t serving you and you want to unpack them – YES
    • You want to feel at your optimal and are dedicated to getting there – YES
    • You want a step by step guide with Worksheets to optimise your vibration – YES
    • You want a community on Facebook to connect with to keep you on track and optimised – YES
    • You would be grateful additional amazing guidance from people at the top of their game and on the daily raising the vibration of everyone around them including; 
      – A divine prayer, philosophy and recipes from wholefoods cook Cade McConnell
      – Herb, Plant and High Vibe food recommendations and recipes from nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath Erin Lovell Verinder
      – Tips on the best high vibe shrooms from the mushroom king and founder of Four Sigmatic Mushrooms Tero Isokauppila
      – Astrology to guide you through the 14 days 15th-30th August from astrologer Dani Beinstein
      Then you’re a HELL YES!


    How we have structured this, is that there is the HIGH VIBRATION MANIFESTO if you want just the bare basics, and then a more involved HIGH VIBRATION 14 DAY PROGRAM for those that want to take it to the next level. 

    We have priced the Full Program as affordably as we could so no one has to miss out, we are really focussed on having a great community to walk through this fortnight with. But additionally, we have created a FREE briefer version for those that just want a free version to walk through on your own, which you receive with the Manifesto and Cheat Sheet! Naturally, we highly recommend you engage with the Program in its entirety and gain all the juicy knowledge to take it to the next level. It’s a small investment for a huge return for you.

    For those that want to make the small investment in the HIGH VIBRATION 14 DAY PROGRAM, you will receive;

    • A whole Community surrounding you and daily support
    • 8 Juicy and Inspiring Chapters on Meditation, Food and Drink, Exercise, Gratitude, Sleep, Ritual, Communication and Information Consumption 
    • A 30% discount to learn Integrated Meditation in person with either Jac, Emily or Jo around the world redeemable within the next 24 months, which is a saving of $360AUD when purchased in full in August
    • A 30% discount to engage with Enhance, our signature online meditation and education journey to expand your creativity, clarity and consciousness, which is a savings of $105AUD
    • Inspiring information and education around high vibrational living and you creating your path
    • Multiple worksheets 
    • A Daily Schedule for clarity and simplicity
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Recipes and tips from master and experts on high vibrational living
    • Accountability strategies to help you reach your goals
    • Access to a Private Facebook Page to connect with our community of High Vibers!
    • A quick reference Cheat Sheet

    Now it should be noted, that if we felt SO brilliant why don’t we just do everything listed all the time then? Because we are human. Em and I always do our twice-daily meditations, but we move around with drinking coffee, and then not drinking coffee. Enjoying a few wines, and then not drinking at all. Really dedicating ourselves to exercise, and then really dedicating ourselves to Netflix hahaha. At The Broad Place, we don’t believe you should strive to be superhuman all the time. But at times, we all recognise we need a boost. And The Broad Place High Vibrational Challenge Program will be just that! 

    This will provide you with Tools, Knowledge and also an experience so you are more empowered to make the choices in your life that will help you be at your personal optimum.

    Preparing for the Challenge High Vibrational Challenge E-book Facebook Private Group High Vibrational Challenge Worksheets Congratulations!