Masterclass – Thriving In 2023 – The Broad Place

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2 Hours
  • Masterclass - Thriving In 2023 - 145.00AUD
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This juicy 2 hour Masterclass with Jac will leave you brimming with inspiration, self understanding and access to your own inner wisdom, as well as a blueprint to map out 2023. Did you find 2022 a but crunchy, or downright stressful? Are you closing off this year questioning where the year went and what just actually happened? Do you want to enter 2023 refreshed, inspired, with a deep self understanding and the thrill of knowing anything is possible? 

This Masterclass is not about ‘being more productive’ or finding ways to grind through 2023. It is instead a roadmap for cultivating presence, self compassion, spaciousness, grace and creativity. It’s going to be a path of savouring the learnings of 2022, even if originally bitter in taste we will alchemise these into delicious morsels that will satiate you in 2023. We will learn how to pivot our mindsets in times of need, cultivate gratitude and live from a place of fearing less and enjoying more. 

You will learn

– about mindset and clarity and how to weave these into daily life

– tools for greater expansion into the heart

– the cultivation of gratitude as a daily practice

– creating more space and trusting yourself more

– your anchors in life

– knowing what your spiritual hurricane lamp is; your personal compass for navigating tricky times

– monthly planning for greater cohesion

– how to prioritise what’s important

– the elegant art of saying no

– a guided meditation immersive experience

and more! 

There will be worksheets and a recorded version you will have access to for 30 days after also.

Masterclass – Thriving In 2023