Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp – The Broad Place

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6 Weeks
  • Mind, Heart, and Soul Bootcamp - 345.00AUD
  • Annual Membership - 252.00AUD / year with a 7-day free trial
  • Monthly Membership - 29.00AUD / month


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Whats included

✓ 6 x 2 hour video classes, 2 on Mind, 2 on Heart and 2 on soul

✓ interactive elements of journalling and question and answer

✓ weekly intentions and affirmations + screensavers for your devices

✓ almost a dozen guided meditation experiences – playlists and formulas for optimising rest and relaxation, productivity and planning and deep flow states



Bootcamp Module 1

Bootcamp Module 2

Bootcamp Module 3

Bootcamp Module 4

Bootcamp Module 5

Bootcamp Module 6