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6 Weeks
  • Mind, Heart, and Soul Bootcamp - 345.00AUD
  • Annual The Portal Members - 252.00AUD / year
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The Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp is a 6 week course infused with philosophy, wisdom and practical tools to expand your higher self and reconnect your mind with heart and soul.

Fueled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our live Bootcamp course, we have worked to adapt this content into an on demand format, making it available for you to sit in your own time at any time. The commitment for you is a 90min video paired with a minimum of 30mins practice and integration of teachings per week, though you will find a vast set of additional content for you to engage in if you so wish!

This is a beautiful course that is jam packed with content, providing you with a range of activities, readings, recommendations and teachings that will inspire and align you in mind, heart and soul!

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Whats included

✓ 6 x 2 hour video classes, 2 on Mind, 2 on Heart and 2 on soul

✓ interactive elements of journalling and question and answer

✓ weekly intentions and affirmations + screensavers for your devices

✓ almost a dozen guided meditation experiences – playlists and formulas for optimising rest and relaxation, productivity and planning and deep flow states



Bootcamp Module 1

Bootcamp Module 2

Bootcamp Module 3

Bootcamp Module 4

Bootcamp Module 5

Bootcamp Module 6