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“In this moment you find yourself holding a small book in your hands.

The words that follow within it are short, spontaneous talks that happened over the course of a series of extended silent meditation sittings.

I hope they point to doors and windows of perception that may have remained inadvertently closed or unnoticed in the rush of daily life.

I hope they reveal a way of being within yourself that deepens the natural love you have for you.

I hope they bring an added presence and insight to whatever meditation practice you may use.

I hope they bear witness not to some distant, foreign land or an unattainable future, but a simplicity that is ever-present, now.

I hope they inspire a seeking that consumes itself in its Self and disappears.

I hope they bring you back to whatever is, now, to find yourself holding a small book and feeling the weight of its paper in your hands, just reading. 

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Mutribo E-book