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60 minutes
  • Rounding Video Tuition - 45.00AUD
  • Annual The Portal Members - 252.00AUD / year
  • Monthly The Portal Members - 29.00AUD / month


Rounding draws on ancient Vedic knowledge of mind, body and spirit alignment to take the body into deep states of rest and renewal. A complete 60-minute sequence for Integrated, Vedic or mantra-based transcending meditators, this advanced practice takes your meditation to the next level.

We will guide you through the special sequence step by step, as if we were just in the room with you! A first of its kind, this video tuition means you can de-exciting your nervous system for deeper release of stress, tension and fatigue and dive into a deeper meditation state; anywhere you have wifi.
The asanas are moved through slowly with attention on the body and any sensations that come up during the pose, and no prior yoga experience is necessary. You’ll need a yoga mat, blanket, a watch to keep time and any other props you find assist you for maximum comfort.&nbsp

We also provide you with detailed documentation so you can take this practice with you anywhere, as well as revisit this video for guidance at any time.

Before starting your first Round, watch this Rounding Video or seek in-person instruction by contacting us via our email.

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