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Whats included

✓ Daily audio talks distilling the essence of each topic covered

✓ Daily articles that elaborate on each topic

✓ Daily worksheets to help make practical use of the knowledge covered in each topic

✓ Daily ‘Delve Deeper’ section for those wanting to explore further

✓ A bonus ‘Broaden Meditation‘ for you to begin practically creating inner space

✓ A complete recourses section at the end of the modules with all of our references and top picks for extending your learning

Don’t have the time for lengthy audio talks and dense material? Neither do we. We’ve distilled down all of the teachings to digestible sized pieces that pack the most punch. Ultimate effectiveness for the time-poor.



Welcome Study Module One; Meditation & Creating Inner Space Study Module Two; How our thinking affects us and what we can do about it Study Module Three; Perspective Study Module Four; Thought Patterns & the Power of Choice Be Your Best Self – Live Call Study Module Five; Acceptance Study Module Six; Being Mindful to Battle Future Fatigue Study Module Seven; Preference Vs Needs Your Resources, Feedback and a Thank You!

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3. Each lesson in this course is simple, digestible and practical ways to start retraining your mind to unleash your best self within.

4. You can start whenever you like! And you have the material for life, so you can always refer back to it and go through the program again if you need to.

Can You Tell Me More About the Thinking Behind The Broad Place Be Your Best Self Program?

Did you know that we have 80,000 – 90,000 thoughts every day? That’s every single day. And 95% of our thinking patterns are automated. That automation comes from experiences and behaviours that were experienced before the age of 6 years. It sounds crazy to think that we are reacting to everything most of the time based on thinking that was created by us from the time we were born up until we were 6 years of age!

And then as we age, we become less adaptable, less creative with our thinking and we generate protective thinking patterns to deal with stress. We are literally filled with emotional grooves that like a record, allow our thoughts (the needle) to keep tracking around on these grooves. The same song just keeps playing and playing regardless of its relevance. Whether that track assists our emotional well-being, aids our physical health or our personal development is irrelevant to the process.

These emotional grooves and tracks are the neural pathways that we drive down each day. The thinking train simply stays on its tracks regardless of whether the thinking is useful or serves us in any way. It’s a cellular reaction that means that we have emotions stored in our molecules that are carried around our nervous system through peptides, which are tiny proteins. All of this blocks our flow and our ability to be emotionally free, to have brilliant thinking and to feel true love and compassion and gratitude.

In The Broad Place 7 Day Thought Revolution, we are going to work together over a week to re-design the record. To drive off road emotionally and create new ways of getting from A to B instead of flying down the same old freeway.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive your welcome email pack with audio, articles and what to do next. You can access topics with audio to listen to and worksheets to ensure you’re applying this new thinking to your life. We learn by doing, so we’ve made sure to include simple daily worksheets for you to complete as you go along so you can really start engaging with the material.