The Broad Place March 10-Day Meditation Challenge – The Broad Place

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10 Days
  • The Broad Place 10 Day Meditation Challenge - 49.00AUD
  • Annual Membership - 252.00AUD / year with a 7-day free trial
  • Monthly Membership - 29.00AUD / month
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March 1st we have our The Broad Place March 10 Day Meditation Challenge starting! This program is exclusive to our Portal Annual Members BUT this time we are offering it to everyone who wants to participate and join us for 10 days of intention, practice, wisdom and philosophy on the daily! 

Remember you can join us FREE as a Portal Member (where you receive 4 free Challenges a year included in your Membership – you’ll receive an email today). If you want to join us this once, you can also choose to join The Portal afterwards we will credit The Challenge fee towards your membership! 

Here are the 6 easy steps for the 10 Day Challenge after enrolling – all of which will be clearer after you have listened to the introduction (or read the transcription).

1. Listen to the Introductory Audio for the outline of the Challenge that I recorded for you (with excitement, sorry you can actually hear it in my voice haha!)

2. Accountability and support counts! Have you got a friend joining you? If so send us their email address and we will enrol them FOR FREE! 

3. Choose what type of meditation you will do and how much time per day you can commit to for the 10 days

4. Are you going to PAUSE something? Perhaps streaming, social media etc. Define what this will be

5. Are you going to INVITE in something? Daily exercise, early evenings etc. Define what this will be

6. Set your overall intention for the Challenge

Each day we will send you audio and a transcription for the 10 days of the Challenge for a boost of inspiration and thought provoking wisdom. These are all accessible within The Classroom too, so you can access them independently at any time. 

Welcome To The March Meditation Challenge DAY 1 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 2 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 3 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 4 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 5 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 6 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 7 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 8 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 9 (Audio & Transcription) DAY 10 (Audio & Transcription)