The Still Point Retreat – The Broad Place

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10 Days
There are no published lessons in this course yet.

We have a very special opportunity for you to join us on a 10-day 9-night residential meditation retreat at The Pocket, Northern Rivers from 1st-10th July. This is a rare opportunity to gather as a collective, deepen meditation, self-inquiry and be nourished, and allow your nervous system to recalibrate and find the truth within each of us. We hosted this exact Retreat in December for 6 nights and 7 days and the testimonials are from the students that attended;

“The Still Point Retreat offers a real opportunity to watch and tune in to who you are without trimmings or distractions. If the depth of you really matters to you, take this on. The least you should do is turn up then Trust yourself, and don’t give up… It’s so worth it” Sheetal

“Still Point Retreat was “all the things”! Insightful, supportive, difficult, nourishing, intense, empty and full. I left with a new and lasting experience of the joy in my life, exactly as it unfolds, right now in each moment” Bella 

“It was my first silent retreat and I could say I was able to embrace many hidden parts of myself I didn’t consciously realized they were playing out in my daily life.” Nico

We are hosting this retreat at the organic farm of Wybalena with a palm tree surrounded pool, infrared sauna, enormous gardens, kilometres of new walking tracks, and renovated rooms. This Retreat will be organised by us here at The Broad Place, and hosted by Mutribo. Please note that once the Retreat starts, any organisational roles of The Broad Place and Jac will be handed over to Mutribo, and this is not a traditional Broad Place Retreat. 

Each full 8 days there will be three delicious vegetarian meals served, 5 meditation sittings spanning 60-90 minutes, as well as free time to walk, swim, and sauna each day. Mutribo will also be doing two talks daily to steady the meditators and inspire a deepening into oneself. The first and last day will be our book ends both with a meal, sharing of experiences, Q+A and further guidance. 

“This silent retreat is a balm for the soul. ..A place to finally come to rest, to “be still and know that I am God” Alima

“In the noise and businesses of our modern lives it is a immense privilege to have the opportunity to Stop and spend some time with what is always there Present underneath it all witnessing silently. There I find the freedom and the love and peace that I seek. There I am at Home” Mitta 

We have an enormous amount of interest already for this Retreat, as we hosted a shorter version in December and the results were so astounding that many students are requesting to join again in 2024, as well as a new round of students. We ask that if you are keen that you please get in touch as soon as you can to enrol and we have tried to make this as easy as possible with a tiered fee structure.