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Creating a Sankalpa

The New Year brings about a fresh desire to upgrade ourselves. To live a high grade life on every level. Usually we take some time off at this time of year, and some pondering occurs, maybe a revelation. Usually just some sort of emotional mini crisis happens though, that sees us swear to be a better person.  We say ‘Seriously, this time, I’m never drinking again’ or ‘this year, I will never be negative, ever’ or “I’ll never fight with my partner again’. All of which is usually pretty unrealistic and is quickly broken. Guilt filled, emotionally wracked desperate ‘promises’ to ourselves don’t get us anywhere. When we allow our minds to run free in some self-disgust-bashing sessions, the results are generally some pretty stupid ideas about how to change our lives, that long term set us up to feel even more awful about ourselves when they are not fulfilled.


Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning a solemn vow to bring about positivity in one’s life, an idea formed in the heart. The ‘formed in the heart’ part is really important to me. Because it’s from this place that we can create realistic, loving intentions. I have spoken with so many spiritual teachers over the last six months, healers, shamans and energy workers and the everyone seems to be saying the same thing; there is a huge shift happening that will really take force this year in the way we live. The paradigm is changing, and female energy (not wuss bag, wa wa stuff that everyone seems to groan over, but strong, delightful, loving, non competitive, creative female energy) is coming to reign. The word is 2016 is going to be a gangbuster year for this. So I think, what a brilliant time to create a personal Sankalpa. One created from strength, delight, love, non-ego and creativity. One to keep coming back to, to refine and hone and polish the whole way through 2016. Let’s not get desolate if we don’t get them right straight away. If they’re not pitch perfect in their execution.

A promise or idea formed in the heart is soft enough to be pliable and we care enough to keep trying even if we stumble. This for me is Sankalpa.

What will yours be?

Jac x