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Every Bit Counts

I really am so blown away by all the kind and encouraging messages I have been receiving to these little letters. The kindness that has been expressed, the generosity with words and the inspiring feedback of how some of these concepts have been implemented has lit me up to no end. The questions it has raised for you, and extra tips needed (of which I’ll share over time – thank god as they give me more content hahaha!)

So today’s letter is really in a way a HUGE thank you to you. May I implore you to every day commit to encouraging the people in your lives, the people you meet, the people you don’t even know, because being grateful and being kind is the essence of a beautiful life. A gentle encouragement or a compliment or a thank you can completely shift someone else’s day. It’s free to give, and takes only a moment. We have no idea the difference something very small can make.

Sent with love,

Jac x 

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