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Falling Into Line With The Cosmos

There is a word I love, ‘Sympathaiea’ which means a connection with the cosmos. Isn’t it wonderful? Our connection with the cosmos is something we receive from our daily meditation practice. When we move beyond our thinking mind, and transcend into a deeper conscious state, all sorts of delight happens in our days. Funny little synchronicity’s. Lovely little supports of the universe. And then some days are crappy. Meditation is not a silver bullet.

We can increase our connection to the universe, our Sympathaiea, by creating more empty space. It’s something I’m fascinated with at the moment. Each day I have some contemplation time. Time to just be. Throw around ideas. No activity. And with this, I find my creativity enhances. I know when it doesn’t enhance, and that’s when I have too much in my calendar. Or simply try to achieve too much in a day. Burn out is the antithesis of Sympathaiea.

I found this photo of Arran walking along the beach in Byron Bay for the sunrise and I wanted to add it to this letter to you – to highlight that even though we think ‘oh I have to be in nature to have that’ its not true. I am in the heart of the CBD in freezing Melbourne, and I am finding my connection to the cosmos in so many other ways. In noticing the bare trees. In taking the time to drink my coffee. In simply sitting still for 10 minutes after my meditation. By not looking at my phone when I’m waiting on food in a coffee shop and just observing the people around me, and the love the barista puts into making the coffee, the little flirtations of the waiters together behind the counter. Life is always available to us, my question is how available are we to it…

If you would like to learn meditation with us please simply email me back and I’ll send you some more information.

Jac x

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