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Free From The Known – The Truth Of Things

“If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation” Krishnamurti

We are currently in luscious Kerala, and I’m leading a group through our Indian Retreat. There is talk daily of the processes that occur when we have the capacity to let go of all stress, and turn into in a human puddle. And how to best be present to all that is occurring.

We all go on Retreats tight with expectations. Bound up by ideas of how relaxed we’ll be, only to discover our thoughts just will not turn off. We buy special ‘Retreat’ and holiday clothes as we hold on to an idea we ‘ll be someone else in the new environment. Concepts of deep, sound meditations and sleep are held onto, only to find that we are restless and our bodies obtusely will not relax. We have thrilling ideas about how different we’ll be from home, that we will be extroverted, introverted, calm, excited, placid, thrilled by everything; to then discover it’s not so.

And we get to guide ourselves through the process. To learn about how all our preconceived ideas, habits, judgements are convoluting things, and to how much all the nonsense take us out of the present moment. We have the space to release the grip, to breathe into our being. We have the luxury of the time to contemplate and commit to new ways of being, to be Free From The Known.

And this happens every day in our lives, and somehow ramps up to hyper speed on a Retreat. Usually in part because we commit to elevating ourselves, to discovery and expansion. Also in part as we are not distracted by our phones, Netflix, hundreds of emails, busy conversations about how busy we are.

But you don’t have to be away on a Retreat to undertake this work. You can start the peeling back immediately, like layers of an onion. A gentle acceptance of what is, whilst letting go of what you thought ‘should be’. An attentiveness to what’s truth, and what’s not.

I’m reading and listening a lot at the moment to the teachings of Krishnamurti. His specialty is the peel back. The removal of concepts, ideas, intellect, dogma, hierarchy and the diving into personal truth. If this topic interests you you might also enjoy his works.

And if you do feel like joining us for an immersive Retreat experience, our Australian Byron Bay Retreat end of November this year is going be extra special and details are HERE and I would love to have you along. I’ll be teaching a meditation course there on those dates in Nov in Byron also if you wish to learn with me.

Love Jac x

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