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When Did It Get So Hard To Say Sorry

Yesterday Arran and Marley were arguing over something small, and I stepped in with an opinion and completely overrode what Arran had said. He was pissed, called me on it after Marley had left, and immediately I could feel it; my own defensiveness instead of accountability. I didn’t immediately own it and say sorry, I had to stop myself, pause, then apologize with earnest. Saying sorry wasn’t my first reaction. What the hell!!

I’ve watched with horror at the Louis C.K/Weinstein/Trump/Spacey etc situations continually unfold, where no one seems to be actually apologizing. I’ve personally seen so many situations of late where a simple ‘I’m so sorry’ would have stopped so much angst. A gentle ‘we did the wrong thing, we apologize’. Yet instead I just see clenched jaws, heads being stuck in the sand and a refusal to admit that there was behavior not okay.

It’s abundant in our society at the moment. So we need to shine some light on it. Accountability is integrity. Understanding when we do the wrong thing and apologizing is authentic. Looking at where we are demanding we are right when we are not is embracing vulnerability.

You might also love this video of Brene Brown as much as I do HERE.

And see where you can be free and light with an apology and some accountability.

Sent with love,

Jac x

Image from Kagoshima Japan where we experienced the cherry blossoms and I had to apologise a LOT for always giving Arran the wrong directions in the car, and gratitude for his never end patience and for not yelling at me (as I was definitely blaming google maps and not saying sorry…)

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