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Getting Clear, Oh So Very Clear

So today Arran and I fly to Hong Kong for an evening stop over on our way to London, where we have a week’s exploration just the two of us, before I teach a beautiful course in Integrated Meditation in Notting Hill! Ahhh the good times.

I am writing this actually on Wednesday, and it is at this point, that I started to question my commitment to writing these letters Monday to Friday. Because today (Wednesday pre leaving) is rather mental, and I’ll be honest, this letter writing is a giant commitment. I was inspired by Jeff Kober and Seth Godin, with their daily writing contributions, and have for so long promised to myself be more consistent with my writing. But that’s lovely when a blank notebook and year lie ahead. Sitting amidst a half packed suitcase, with emails waiting unanswered and designs not yet completed and calendars not syncing and appointments and a family dinner ahead, suddenly penning daily letters can seem like a dumb idea.

So I wanted to share something, that I have been taught by many inspiring people and teachers from over the decades; if you’re not clear in your intention, you waver. If you’re ultra clear, you will have the energy to get through.

All I needed to do, whilst writing this, was come back to my intention; to share knowledge, to be authentic and honest with students, and to apply myself to something challenging and to be of service. The writing all of a sudden gets more delightful and easier and I’m inspired and full of energy.

When we are really clear on our WHY we are on our paths/projects/missions and it’s in alignment with our values and what we hope to create in the world, there is no friction.

Sent with love,

Jac x