Give it up folks, for life. – The Broad Place

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Give it up folks, for life.

Something we recently read by the talented Leo Babula of Zen Habits, we agree
“This is the only response that life deserves: overjoyed applause. This
morning, wherever you are, whatever life has given you, take a moment to
really appreciate this gift, and applaud. I mean, actually applaud. We often not
only take life for granted, but complain about it. Life isn’t perfect, work is
boring, people are too rude, drivers are idiots, no one gets me, I have too
many things to do. But goodness, look around you! What a wonder life is! If
only we would take the time to see it, to really appreciate it, and to applaud.
This moment is a ridiculously generous miracle. Give it up, folks, for life.”

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