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Going With Nature’s Pull

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe; to match your nature with Nature”
Joseph Campbell

Over the many things that the universe has taught me, the key thing I have learnt that it is utterly wise to simply go with nature’s pull. I have had so many experiences delivered including an unexpected pregnancy, a divorce, a business bankruptcy, many moves of houses, a second marriage, and about 6 career changes. All of which, I swore I would never do/would never happen. The phrase ‘over my dead body’ has been uttered many times, or a mocking laugh with the words ‘oh that’ll be the day!’ and yet, I then find myself right where I said I would not be. The irony is rich, and I have only after years of being battered with this, come to smile and simply roll with it. Something better is coming. It took me a few long decades to trust this.

So when the other week, I had a crystal clear vision of Arran and I being closer to my daughter Marley’s father Haydn and his family on the Northern Beaches, I trusted my instinct which said ‘just do it, good things are happening here’. It seems to some to be madness moving all the time, and Arran is wondering if I am secretly a gypsy at heart – the only thing I can explain is the more tuned into our pure Being, our Self and nature we are, the simpler decisions like these are for us to make. It doesn’t seem as scary or as mental or as expensive or as risky for us to make the big calls in life. It’s all just grist for the mill, opportunities to learn, and stages in which we grow.

It has opened up some seriously exciting opportunities which I never saw even in seed form happening. I will be teaching Vedic Meditation from our home (another ‘over my dead body call’ – both regarding teaching from home and living on the Northern Beaches again) for some time in Warriewood, until we decide if we need a dedicated studio up there. We have found the most gorgeous home that I am proud to be opening to students on the same journey as we are for ancient knowledge and tools for modern living. I will be hosting free introductory sessions and Meditation and Knowledge Meetings, all of which are listed on our Calendar. I will have a few spots available for One on One Mentoring and Private Rounding Sessions up in Warriewood also.

Our daughter will be able to walk home from school and between our houses, and we will be able to take Winter walks along the beaches with our dog, and buy beautiful produce from the Farmers Markets (the beaches have some fabulous Farmers Markets). Plus all my oldest friends live there, and getting back in touch with my roots is something I am suddenly relishing.

Moving our home alongside traveling to Hong Kong, Singapore, Adelaide and Melbourne within the next 2 months is rocket exciting. And staying tuned into what nature is telling us, the subtle hints and signs in amongst so much movement is of even more importance.

There are many ways in which we can tune into this greater call of nature, these pulls of the universe. For me the greatest tool is twice daily meditation, dipping within to touch base with my Self, and leave my ‘busy little self’ at the door to close my eyes for 20 minutes. The other for me is spending time in nature. Telling my mind to shut up when ego based doubt creeps in and being okay with being vulnerable and a little scared are all key tools.

At the end of the day, we can go kicking and screaming with our evolution, or gracefully and calmly and allow the process to unfold sometimes slowly and others at breakneck speed. I choose grace and excitement now, every time, no matter what the speed.

If you would ever like to discuss in detail your personal evolution and how to discern the signs, this is something I work through with students all the time in One on One Mentoring Sessions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are ever interested in coming to see me.

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