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High Vibe Challenge January 2020 with FREE Program Early Bird Offer until midnight January 1st Only!

I cannot explain how excited I am to launch our highly evolved High Vibrational Challenge into the world!! It has been an epic amount of work, upgrading the Challenge on every level, as well as working with our amazing contributors, Vashti Whitfield, Amy Crawford, Jason Grant, Rachel Crethar, Emmalea Russo and Kate Pascoe Squires for their valuable insights and education into how to raise our vibration through mindset, education, slowing down, being positive, social media methodologies, essential oils, and understanding astrology for January 2020 and working with the cosmos!

This is a bumper 14-Day Challenge that will launch officially Jan 15th with everyone around the world. As we are launching not just into a year, but into a whole decade, we wanted to ensure this Challenge was crafted so you could take the time to really up-level yourself and your connection to your body, mind, and very importantly, spirit. There are some wonderful COMMITMENTS within this Challenge, including twice-daily meditations, moving your body, daily hydration and some PAUSES including no alcohol, tech before bed and Toxic Talk as well as others as well as our Customise Your Challenge section. We have built a beautiful Mini Retreat into this Challenge, guiding you through an evening, morning or perhaps entire day of a Retreat just for you to nourish and nurture yourself.

The Challenge includes many video classes, (as well as one each from each of our contributors) and a bumper 24-page E-Manual, and 25 pages of information and Daily Worksheets for you to print out for ease of engaging with the Challenge more deeply. As always we also have our Private Facebook Group for extra support and community as well.

We have a VERY special offer for you also for our keen early high vibing birdies. Until midnight of Jan 1st, if you enroll in the High Vibe Challenge we will gift you the entire Closing a Decade; Inviting Another program. The value of this is half of the entire High Vibe Challenge, yes, but we wanted to make it special and give you a New Years’ gift in the process!

Can’t wait to vibe with you soon!!!

Jac x

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