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Hong Kong Course in Vedic Meditation

We are thrilled to be running a course in Vedic Meditation this March in Hong Kong, one of our favourite cities in the world!

Vedic Meditation is the most effective and simplest meditation techniques you can learn, and everyone from 5 – 85 years can learn it with ease. It’s considered to be the game changer for everyone that learns it. To read about Vedic Meditation click HERE and about the life changing benefits of Vedic Meditation click HERE.

This Vedic Meditation course will ensure that you are successfully practising Vedic Meditation at the end and that it is a tool you will have for life. Your teacher Jacqui Lewis seamlessly integrates modern living with ancient practice, so all her students are confident meditators and are set up for success. As an addition we offer life long global refinement of practice and coaching and support through online talks available to all our students.

For more information about the teacher of this course Jacqui Lewis please click HERE.


This course will take place over 4 sessions over a weekend, Saturday 21st March – Monday 23rd March.


This course will take place in a luxurious wellness centre in Central Hong Kong. Upon confirmation of your attendance we will supply the venue and address details.

4pm – 5.15pm Saturday 21st March

SESSION 1 ‘Becoming Initiated As A Meditator’

A 60-75 minute session where Jacqui will perform a ceremony to acknowledge the masters from whom the Vedic knowledge has come from. After this ceremony each student will receive their personalised mantra and we will undertake the first steps to meditating together in a group. Students will be sent home with a homework meditation to undertake. Each student must please bring a flower and clean, white hankerchief for the ceremony.

1pm – 5pm Sunday 22nd March

SESSION 2 The Principles of Meditation; Tools and Technique
SESSION 3 Detoxing Mind And Body Of Stress, Tension and Fatigue

This will be the two middle sessions in the course in Vedic Meditation and will arm students with a huge depth of knowledge around the use of the mantra, the correct practice of meditation, the mind-body connection and working meditation into modern daily life. This will include a tea break and treats and this session includes a group meditation session.

6.30pm – 8.30pm Monday 23rd March

SESSION 4 Integrating Meditation Into Your Life and The Five Levels of Consciousness

This will be the final session in course in Vedic Meditation and will arm students with an understanding on the various states of consciousness and Vedic philosophy and how it relates to meditation.

This course will take place in a wellness centre in Central Hong Kong. Upon confirming your place within the course we will confirm the address with you.

For SESSION 1 in order to optimise the experience of learning to meditate it is advisable to observe the following:

a.      Don’t have a heavy meal within 2 hours of your instruction. Meditation & digestion don¹t mix.

b.      Have a good nights rest and arrive relaxed.


MEDITATION COURSE Fee Single per person AUD$1100
MEDITATION COURSE Fee for Couples per person AUD$950
MEDITATION COURSE Fee for Students per person AUD$850
CHILDRENS COURSE Fee per child – a piece of artwork made by the child (please read here for more info on children’s meditation)

To secure your place within the course please note we require a 50% deposit of $550. The remaining course fee is due prior to your course start.

The Broad Place Pty Ltd

BSB: 012487
ACCOUNT: 191287613

We accept credit card payments also and Paypal, please enquire should you require these methods.

If there’s any way that we may be able to assist you or any questions you may have please don’t hesitate to contact Jacqui by phone +61 414 99 83 82 or on email jacqui@thebroadplace.com.au


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