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How Much Does It Cost

Seth Godin hopped into my inbox this morning with a blog post on ‘How Much Does It Cost’. It was about producing things, the investment, scaling, unit pricing and opportunity cost. It’s one area of life to consider.

Increasingly though, I’m more interested in how much will it cost emotionally, spiritually, physically. How much time with my family will it cost? How much of my soul will it cost/how much integrity? How much stress will it take, how much friction?

Arran and I have been determinedly making decisions in our life and for The Broad Place that embody these questions. Wherever we put our attention energy flows. And if we are putting our attention on the things that cost us dearly, the debt we go into (emotionally, spiritually etc) can run deep. We can also stay neutral, or be very abundant. It’s something to consider in a Western society that is very intent on only one form of currency.

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” Henry David Thoreau

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Jac x

Photo of a tiny coffee house in Tokyo that only sells filter coffee and a tiny selection of baked goods and is open at the strangest hours. Dancing to the beat of their own drum.

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