The Broad Place Weekend Immersive Retreats – The Broad Place

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The Broad Place Weekend Immersive Retreats

Thurs 12th – Sun 15th November 2015  (Gerroa, beachfront, 2 hours drive from Sydney)

We’re all leading incredibly busy lives these days. We have families, friends, careers and more demands are being placed upon us than ever before. The Broad Place Retreats are an incredible way in which to relax, purify and achieve the equivalent of six months of meditating in three nights and days.

We are now offering the opportunity to learn Vedic Meditation on our Retreat, so this retreat is open to anyone, not just practising meditators. This is an incredible way in which to immerse yourself in Vedic knowledge on every level. Please see below for more details.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I had such an amazing experience at The Broad Place retreat – it has been 2 days post retreat and I just feel amazing!  I honestly didn’t know what to expect over the 4 days and heading there on my own was a little unsettling, however I have come away feeling nourished, relaxed and have so much energy – I will definitely be returning. You made me feel so welcome and relaxed and the food was exceptional. Have rounded each morning for the past 2 days…It’s crazy, I now jump up at 6am instead of dragging myself out of bed at 730am. I just have so much more energy” Kristen Budd

“I would love to write a written testimonial, but feel inadequate with written expression as it was so incredible to be part of such an extraordinary experience. The knowledge was the most useful and interesting I have ever encountered on a retreat (and I have been on many over the decades). Usually that is the part I am not as interested in but your presentations are so real and pertinent for today’s lifestyle given with such energy and from a place of inclusiveness with all of us, that I found it to be inspiring and wonderful. I find you to be a truly unique teacher, able to bring out the best in us all. The food was above and beyond expectations on any retreat” Lisa Kelshaw

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“The three day retreat of yoga and meditation held by Jacqui Lewis at The Broad Place was an incredible experience and one that I am so grateful for.  The location was brilliant and carefully sourced and the food was delicious and exquisitely thought through. Jacqui was the perfect co-ordinator and she shared her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda with eloquence and humour. This, coupled with an inspiring group of fellow meditators made for a rewarding, relaxing weekend and I came away rejuvenated and ready to take on the pressures of life with a renewed energy.  Thank you so much, I am ready and waiting for the next one!” Victoria Barber

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This retreat is an incredible opportunity to gain knowledge and self awareness, increase your consciousness and refine your meditation practice.

This unique Vedic Yoga and Meditation Retreat will enable you to release immense amounts of stress from your mind and body through the ancient art of Rounding. This simple and elegant technique that will be taught to you, and through a very gentle practice you will release years of built up fatigue, stress and tension. This will bring you clarity, calm, bliss and an experience of joy and happiness. Previous retreats have people report that three nights on a Rounding Retreat is the equivalent of a 2-3 week holiday.

Within the setting of a modern, architecturally designed house on the South Coast, an easy and beautiful 2 hour drive from Sydney, you will be cocooned in luxury. We will be served nutritious and nourishing meals, delightful sweet treats and sip on organic Ayurvedic balancing teas and chai teas and Vedic Milks. We will cleanse our minds with daily walks along the beach, enjoy gentle yoga and meditation to eliminate stress, tension and fatigue and then collectively enjoy evening knowledge sessions.

“Jacqui’s retreat was not just a powerful stress buster and life reset, her love and knowledge of food made each and every meal a wonderous gourmet experience.  Jacqui put thought, care and love into her menu and food preparation so what we ate was truly satisfying as well being nutritious and catering to all preferences, intolerances and allergies. Jacqui combines her Vedic knowledge with a real understanding of how intense our everyday lives are.  Her retreats are not only well-structured, they are luxurious and nurturing” Rhyll – Vedic meditator for 15 years

The retreat properties are huge private houses on the South Coast at Gerroa that are only a few minutes stroll from the beach, and each other. You need to only bring yourself, a yoga mat, exercise clothes and comfortable clothing. Please bring sneakers for walking, a wet weather jacket, and your own toiletries. Any dietary requirements please advise us a week in advance so that we can attend to these.


If you have already learnt and are practising Vedic Meditation, the Retreat fee includes;

– your accommodation

– Rounding tuition

– Evening Knowledge sessions

– 1/4 hour Personal Checking Session with Jacqui

– Nourishing Sattvic (balancing and harmonising) meals cooked with love for every meal

– All snacks and beverages

SINGLE PERSON in a Queen Bed $1650 incl GST
COUPLE in a Queen Bed $1300 incl GST per person
SHARED ROOM(available in Bunk or Twin Bed) $1200 incl GST per person


If you are new to Vedic Meditation, and would like to learn on Retreat and experience and learn the art of Rounding for a complete immersion experience, the Retreat fee includes;

– 4 Session Course in Vedic Meditation

– your accommodation

– Rounding tuition

– Evening Knowledge sessions

– Nourishing Sattvic (balancing and harmonising) meals cooked with love for every meal

– All snacks and beverages

SINGLE in a Queen Bed $2450 INCL GST
COUPLE in a Queen Bed $2050 incl GST per person
SHARED ROOM (available in Bunk or Twin Bed) $1950 incl GST per person

Please email us  directly to book your place! We require a non refundable 50% deposit per person.

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Please note as places are very limited, to reserve your place please email confirmation to poli@ or call Jac on 0414 9983 82 to get in touch with any questions you may have.


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