India Retreat with Jacqui Lewis – October 2022 – The Broad Place
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India Retreat with Jacqui Lewis – October 2022

We have curated this luxurious Retreat for those that wish to come to India, and have a truly nurturing time, have their every need met, and all of the potential stress removed from the experience of travel in India. We have curated an experience after hosting many Retreats in India, so that you can have a spiritual journey, a learning experience, space for transformation, and complete pampering for mind and body! We generally live unaware of the nurturing inner voices of our being, drowned out by the din of daily life. And after the pandemic of the last two years, diving deeply back into a connection with ourselves is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves. Only when everything else quietens down and we are at peace can we truly hear the voice within, of our soul, of our intuition. This Retreat is reclaiming this space within.

We have taken out all of the stress, and the guess work of traveling to India. Even down to calculating all tips, from your drivers, to your coaches, to the ceremony pundits, all staff, everything we have taken into account so you can truly relax into the experience of India!

Every day there will be yoga classes for you to attend, and also your own private yoga deck within your villa. Think fresh squeezed pomegranate juices, spicy chai’s, amazing Ayurvedic body treatments, meditation to birdsong whilst sitting in a traditional shala overlooking a private beach. You can then go for a swim in the ocean and wander afterwards to the rhythms of the waves, or perhaps you wish to dip into the hotel pool and have some sun worship. Organic food that is farmed on the private property, and prepared for each meal with love, a process so integrated and interesting that you can also take gardening and cooking classes to understand more deeply the process. Perhaps creativity is what you wish to stimulate. There is an art shala for you to undertake just that. Spacious rooms, built traditionally with your own private yoga deck with views on the second storey, and open air pavilions to retreat and be in silence. There is only wifi available within the Library, so each day you can truly tune out from the rest of the world, while we take your mind, body and soul on a journey.


9 days and 8 nights from 11th – 19th October 2022


Our Retreat will take place in Goa, on a private property of 26 acres, on the West Coast on India surrounded by pristine beaches and gardens. Coconut palms line the streets and beaches, and we are far removed from the hustle of the modern world, in an abode of peace. Only 3.5 hours from Goa airport, we will pick you up from the airport and drive you in air conditioned cars to the property.  The Broad Place are taking over the entire 26 acres with it’s 22 villas, and we will collectively reside for 8 nights a sanctuary for your ‘prakruti’ or the innermost nature of an individual – that special blend of qualities and features that grant it uniqueness! It is our goal to offer a life plan for the ‘reconstruction’ of mind and body to bring about balance and harmony within. 

We have for you to enjoy:

– two restaurants, one set outside on the sand, and the other in a huge open air pavilion
– a large oxidised swimming pool
– a meditation deck on a cliff overlooking the private beach with 180 degree views, in which we will do sunrise meditations
– a dedicated yoga shall of 1600 square feet open on all sides
– a library with wifi and an eclectic collection of books, this is the only wifi available space within the entire property so that you can really power down during your stay
– a yoga and meditation hut of 765 square feet
– an art studio for creative and mindful expression, with resident artists, you can explore painting, clay modelling and sculpting 


The individual dwellings are villas that invite you to revel in open and green spaces that have been created within the walls of your very villa. They afford privacy yet open to the skies and expose you to nature, and your very inner nature in it’s full bounty. Your very own yoga deck on the second level offers spectacular views of the countryside and the ocean while you stretch body and mind. Although the design is earthy and simple, it is not lacking in comforts. You will be cocooned in luxury whilst you step through your daily pilgrimage back to your heart and soul, landing fully in your body. There is air conditioning in the bedroom only should you need it of an evening.

There is no televisions in any of the rooms, nor is WIFI available, except for at the reception and library areas. This is a deliberate disconnect time, for you to cultivate utter presence, and unwind.

You will have:

Its architecture pays homage to the terrain and its character while infusing your personal spaces with an abundance of nature that plays its own unseen hand in healing.

– A huge King Size bed
– Seating Area
– Own private yoga deck
– Private bathroom
– A Fine Selection of Green and Black Tea
– Personal Fridge
– Natural Bath Scrubber
– Bathrobe
– Spa Robe
– Hair Dryer
– Flashlight
– Candle and Matches
– Yoga Wear -laundered free of cost
– 2 Glass Bottles of Purified Drinking Water per Day
– Wi- Fi in the Library
– A/C only in bed room
– Safe Deposit Locker
– Hot and Cold Water



As a special touch, each guest will have freshly laundered white traditional Kurta pants and tops to wear each day, so not only can you pack light, you will have all your comfort taken care of with breathable textiles perfect for India. 


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing, is unique in that it addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our well being in an integrated and related way. Our therapies are designed around this holistic understanding of life and serve to heal your body, relax your mind and rekindle your soul.

Ayurveda dates back more than 2000 years originating in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu texts that contain practical information related to almost all aspects of life and is that branch of the Vedas which delves into the essence of right living and healing. Literally meaning the ‘knowledge or Science (‘veda’) of life’ (‘ayur), Ayurveda is an amalgamation of different knowledge systems that combine to offer a right and healthy way of life that is disease free.

Within your Retreat package you will be able to see the Ayurvedic doctor before each of your treatments, and you will experience a beautiful DAILY Ayurvedic treatment included within the Retreat 45 minutes each day.

There are so many divine Ayurvedic treatments available to you that you can also book independently throughout your stay (any additional treatments outside the daily 45 mins will incur an individual fee to the guest)


We will be immersed deeply into the culture of India within the Retreat, and have planned a special Yagya, fire ceremony, for within your stay also. A time to release and let go of all that is holding you back, and to surrender to the divine the path that is truly yours. 

Jacqui will be teaching a course in Integrated Meditation within the Retreat, and for those that wish to learn, you can sign up after enrolling on the Retreat. All existing students may sign up to resit the course as they wish also. 

Every guest will also have a 30 minute one on one private mentoring session with Jacqui throughout the Retreat. 

Every morning there is a 75 minute yoga and pranayama class available for you, and every evening a yoga, chanting and yoga Nidra class available for you. 

Jacqui has planned some wonderful immersive Workshops for personal transformation, as well as some sunrise and sunset talks. These will be a way for you to learn, immerse and transform.

We will be visiting a local Shiva temple, and wander the streets with the sacred cows in the local community as a special outing one day also! 

Each day, the body and mind will be expanded through a yoga session, and each day group meditation will take place, as well as special lectures from Jacqui. The focus will be on living in alignment with our soul, honouring our higher selves, creative expression as a connect to the divine, and also integrating what is learnt on the Retreat in our daily lives on departing this magical experience. 



The property is set on a private beach, and recipes from the local communities are used, as well as staff that live locally. As an earth centred property, rain water is collected and harvested and kitchen waste is composted for biogas that fuel the kitchens and fertiliser for the organic gardens.


We prefer to make food that is grown in harmony with nature, ripened naturally on healthy soil and cooked with an air of mindfulness. The fresh produce – from the organic vegetable farm on the property and the neighbourhood – consists of seasonal tropical fruits, vegetables and freshly caught seafood. These are complemented with juices and herbal teas. Dairy and eggs are limited in their use as is the use of oils in our preparations. The menu does not feature meats, hard liquor, refined sugar or refined flour. Everything is seasonal, and the fish is locally caught. Guests can interact with the cooking, gardening and dive into learning as much as they wish. 

All meals are included within your Retreat investment, a week as a daily Wake Up signature herbal tea and fresh fruit offering at 6am daily.


There are Boat Rides to Mirjan Fort, Long Beach and Tadadi Harbour. A very interesting cruise to the historic Mirjan Fort, takes you through the sea up the Aganashini river. A tuk tuk ride will get you from the boat jetty to the fort. Return by boat to OM Beach. Cruise by the pristine long beach where you can explore a relatively un touristy beach and fishermans village and a typical Konkan style temple. Cruise to the busy fishing harbour to experience the local flavor of a bustling fish market. Return by Tuk Tuk. These will be organised on the Retreat should people wish to go, and will be charged per person as an additional fee.

– Your private group transfer from the airport in Goa
– Accommodation; your beautiful private villa for 8 nights and 9 days
– Classes and Talks by Jacqui
– A 30 minute one on one private Mentoring Session with Jacqui 
– All consultations with the Ayurvedic doctors and yoga therapists
– Your 6 Ayurvedic Massage Treatments; massages, oil & herbs, 
– Daily yoga, pranayama 
– Daily meditation sessions
– All your meals, tea, coffee and water during your stay
– Twice daily young coconuts to drink
– Yoga cotton wear during your stay at Swaswara, freshly laundered daily
– Art therapy & guided pottery sessions
– Interactive cooking classes & other scheduled activities
– 1 session of group Yagya and the Shiva Temple visit
– All Tips; this includes your drivers and everyone at the property and the temple visit, we have taken out all the guess work and the stress of this, so that we also can all rest easy knowing everyone is being tipped generously 
– All taxes; no getting stung at the end of your trip with additional taxes
– Access to our private travel agent for help with additional bookings you wish to make for your stay in India, who you would interact with individually as needed


– Your private transfer back to the airport after, as everyone will be going to different locations at different times. We will organise your transfer and the fees accordingly though so there is no stress for you.
– Any additional travel arrangements are not made by The Broad Place
– Additional Ayurvedic treatments
– Your visa into India will need to be sorted 
– Your flights which will need to be booked individually
– A Course in Integrated Meditation, usually $1200USD, reduced to $800USD for all guests on the Retreat as a special rate
– Travel insurance which you will need to take out at your own discretion
– As we are booking out the entire private property for this Retreat additional nights either side are not available, however, our travel agent can help you with all additional travel that you may wish to book to make this trip the trip of a lifetime! 


We only have 22 Villas available, and only two of those Villas can be converted into Twin Rooms and we have exclusive use of the entire property. We will not find someone for you to share with, you must bring a lovely friend of your choice! Couples of course can share the King Bed and take one single Villa.

Please note until a deposit is received of $2000USD your place is not secured and if not paid, your spot may be released to someone else. Your deposit must be made to secure your place and then the payment made in full by August 15th2022. 

– Regular Rate Single Luxury Villa $7650 USD
– Regular Rate Shared Luxury Villa $6650 USD



Regarding Covid, all guests must show Double Vaccination Status to enter India and this hotel. This is up to each guest to take care of and no refunds will be given should you not abide by these rules.

Should Covid present a risk in India at the time of the Retreat, we will cancel the Retreat with as much notice as possible and give full refunds. Obviously this is challenging territory and we are going to do our absolute best to communicate as clearly as we can and ensure the best safety we can. We will not however be able to offer refunds if you cannot make the Retreat due to any personal covid restrictions such as you’re getting covid or having your country closed and being unable to fly.

Please note that upon paying a deposit you accept this is a non refundable deposit. You may transfer your deposit to someone else in your place should you not be able to attend, but the responsibility of finding that person is up to you. Please note that all payments are non refundable. The Broad Place is not responsible for any changes to your travel plans and will not refund any amounts, but we are very happy to transfer them to another guest of your choice. We recommend that you take out a premium travel insurance plan in case something prevents you from attending this Retreat so that you can deal with them independently regarding if you need to cancel your trip. We have a policy that is very clear to avoid any confusion. 

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