IOOSK Fundraiser – Single Mum’s Cooking School – The Broad Place

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IOOSK Fundraiser – Single Mum’s Cooking School

I was a young single mum years back when I was 29 years old and I know this much, it’s freaking hard work. I had all the privilege and support I could ever ask for and I still struggled enormously. So when my good friend Rob and I had tea and chatted about his latest endeavour I was in with support as much as I could offer.

Rob has the Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen which Marley and I cooked at last year and helped serve food at, serving up meals on Wednesdays to those hard up for a hot home cooked meal. It’s all Rob’s initiative and creation and he is a god send for those that need it. His latest venture is a cooking school, to teach young single mums from disadvantaged backgrounds how to cook food at home to support themselves and their kids with nourishing meals.

For young women who haven’t had the fortune of learning the importance of good food. The aim is to teach young mums that food is more than food, that good food memories last a life time and a great way to show love to your child is through cooking good food.

If you’re giving to one charity this Christmas, please consider this. It’s not all about giving, in return for your donations, we are offering t-shirts, a cooking class with Kylie Kwong and an invitation to the young mums cooking school party.

There’s a video of Amy one of the first attendees HERE that you can watch also.

Click HERE to donate.

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