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Jeff Kober and The Broad Place Workshop!!!

It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce our upcoming workshops with Jeff Kober. Jeff and I have been discussing, creating and refining for over six months this incredibly deep 2 day immersive workshop. It will involve philosophy and practical applications of it.

Jeff will be speaking in his clear, inspiring and beautiful ways on a number of topics exploring amongst them consciousness, dharma, ego, humanity and creativity. Jac will then extrapolate these with you in short workshops to not only define the topic but ensure you can practically apply it your daily life.

This workshop will be held in Los Angeles, and a month later in Sydney and you can choose either to attend, they will be the same format and content.

The workshop will be non residential, and a very full two days, and we recommend you take time out in the evenings to sit with your experiences and learnings, i.e. keep your nights around the workshop free!

Join Jeff Kober and Jacqui Lewis for a Workshop integrating philosophy, ancient wisdom and modern tools and techniques to live your best life.

This two day transformational workshop, to include inspiring knowledge AND practical ways in which to incorporate it into modern living.

Spanning two huge days, topics including

– understanding the ego

– our individual life purpose

– happiness- self destruction and staying small

– values and goals

– creativity as a path to higher consciousness

– contraction vs expansion

– our personal commitment.

Times daily 9am – 6pm

The structure will be of lectures and talks, implementing tools within workshops and group meditations.

Lunch not included – please BYO or buy in the lunch break

This workshop is open to all. A daily practice of Vedic meditation will enhance this knowledge and your experience but it is not a prerequisite. If you wish to learn with Jeff in LA prior please click HERE or in Sydney with The Broad Place, please click HERE

Investment AUD $990 for the whole weekend – Click HERE to BOOK for Sydney

Investment USD $880 for the whole weekend – Click HERE to BOOK for L.A

We look forward to sharing this with you soon.

With love,

Jeff, Jac, and The Broad Place team