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L E T T E R – A Cat On A Leash

I hear too often nonsense about ‘taming the mind’ and references to a monkey and wild horses. The mind isn’t an animal that can be tamed into submission. It can’t be beaten and bullied, and then all of a sudden will do as you wish. It’s wild, and we need to let it be. With a wild animal, we know they have their ways, we don’t try to domesticate them, we just let them be. Free to roam. We also don’t expect them to sit, lie down and eat only when told from a small dish. 

If you expect you are going to be able to control your mind and it will do as you please, you’re going to be seriously disappointed. What we can do though, is observe, understand, appreciate and keep at a safe distance from our minds. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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