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L E T T E R – A Commitment To Change

Our brains wire in ways of doing things for efficiencies sake. It’s to make the whole system flow more, things like texting, driving, chopping, showering, we barely even think about, the brain has this stuff down pat.

Within this system though we are wiring in everything. Most of the time we are running off super old hardware that has been redundant for a very long time. Old operating systems that in a moment of unawareness were chosen and then fastened into the system.

I like to play with the system make sure nothing gets too secure. Keep the wiring a little loose. I don’t want knots like in a thin necklace that cannot be untied.

I engage daily with tiny stuff, like brushing my teeth with my left hand. Trying to put my ponytail in different. Tying shoelaces the other way. Driving different routes, walking different paths. Ordering drinks I might not normally. Finding new words to use. Listening to music that I don’t know or had any prior interest in, to see if there’s something in there for me I just hadn’t acknowledged yet. At times I make Arran move our sleeping arrangements around. Sleep in a different room or upside down or swap sides. I keep my clothing style shifting, making it match my mood daily.

There is comfort in the known, but also I never want to be through changing.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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