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L E T T E R – A Different Daily Grind

Clarity is an interesting concept when it comes to learning, as the more we learn, the more we realise there is to learn. The more we know, the more it dawns on us we don’t know. Grappling with this is the thing that I have found our meditation teachers in training take the hardest. The gruelling learning is so intense, and most of the time it feels like a constant acceptance that there is simply too much to know. Quickly, rather than being grateful for what we have learned, we are frustrated by all we have to learn. 

Whilst on the road this last week with Marley, just the two of us and a campervan, I have been continually frustrated by all that I don’t know. Like when our van got bogged and I had to get a local guy to haul us out, I felt like an absolute idiot, but also learnt how to tether a van to a car and get out of mud. In white jeans hehe. I have learnt about different voltages with power, how to light a fire with a single match and sticks found in the bush, how to empty toilet canisters from the van, power the van, fill it with water and all this stuff that to be honest I was content not knowing but now I do it’s layered a resilience to me. 

It was the perfect reminder that there is learning I like, and learning I don’t like, but at the end of the day it’s all learning. I can’t on one hand love learning, but ‘not that stuff over there’. When we are confronted with frustration about a new situation, if we can lean in to the learning aspect, the whole thing can become a little more smoother. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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