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L E T T E R – A Gift For You Of Our Key Clarity Tool

Today we are going to gift you something special, because trust me, you need it.

Everyone, especially at this time of the year, is feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s important to recognise that these pressures of modern living are not always a bad thing. We are very adaptable, creative beings who have created a world for ourselves to thrive in and enjoy even amongst the fast-paced hustle and bustle. The problem is, we have become caught up in a cycle of fight/flight that our body needs to continue just to survive the next commute to work. This loop has become much more of a habit than a necessity to function at our best.

This is why meditation is so utterly important. Our body starts to recalibrate, rebalance and realign to a restful, peaceful state. In this state we become dynamic, clear, creative, focused and seem to become naturally guided towards the things and people that support this new and natural way of being. This also means that in those moments of true crisis, like a firefighter running into a burning building to extinguish the flame or a parent going to extreme lengths to save a child, we are primed and ready, rather than exhausted from all the stress chemicals in our body.

I’m not sure if you remember the Simpsons episode where Marge Simpson just loses the plot and locks her car on a freeway refusing to get out, so overwhelmed with all her responsibilities and thoughts about them. The police came, Homer her husband and the kids to try coax her off the freeway. When we get to breaking point with overwhelm, we call this in jest, ‘doing a Marge’. We all know that feeling of ‘ugh I cannot go on’!

Alongside daily meditation, there are some other factors that go into creating more Clarity in life. This week I am going to focus on sharing some of those tools. These are a part of our Enhance Program, and I know you will love them as much as our students already within the Enhance program are! Within Enhance there are three modules, Creativity, Consciousness and Clarity. In just the Clarity module, there is a video Introduction, a Lesson taught over video, a Meditation taught over video and audio, and 8 Clarity Tools.

One of these Enhance Clarity Tools is Values. We are gifting this to you and you can find it here because we know how incredibly life-changing knowing what your values are and being aligned with them is. We want you to have this so you don’t ‘do a Marge’ in a crushing moment of overwhelm in your life. Please feel free to forward this onto absolutely anybody that might be under pressure right now, to help them have more clarity.

Due to demand, we are still continuing our launch offer of 20% off Enhance, simply add in ENHANCE20 as your code on Checkout.

And please do let me know what you think!

Sent with love,

Jac x

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