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L E T T E R – A Net Free Bird

The only thing we are really trapped by is our thinking mind, with its limitations and prejudices and biases that we continue to live through. Studies have shown that 95% of our thoughts are repeated from the day before. That makes the mind a pretty boring place to hang out, given it’s regurgitating old information.

To be free of that net, we can reside instead in the present moment. What it offers us is entirely new information. Everyone blags on about being in the now, yet it can be very difficult to do. Start experimenting with small tasks you love. I like to be totally present when making my morning coffee. I stand still while the kettle boils, overlooking our garden. I look at how the steam fogs up our window. I grind the coffee fresh, inhaling all the good smells. I wet the coffee filter, the cold water chilling my hands, and scoop the ground beans in, listening carefully to the sounds it makes. Then I patiently pour the hot water over the ground coffee slowly. One task, taking in every little inch of that experience. It sets a tone for the day and trains my mind to do this all the time.

Over time I have attempted to be present at all times but find myself more often than not distracted. So setting myself specific tasks; walking the dog, having a shower, eating a snack, cooking dinner and being utterly present for them, I have found to be good building blocks for better presence. In the age of distraction, retraining ourselves to be present to the current moment takes patience, compassionitsand itsgentleness to navigate.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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