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L E T T E R – A Sequence Of Small Choices

My dear friend Jen was recently telling me a story about a conversation she had with her teenage son. He was saying he thought a situation wasn’t such a big deal, she felt strongly otherwise, as it was a recurring theme. And she explained to him that life is not about the big decisions, it’s about all the little choices we make everyday. For each of these choices makes up our life. And each leads in a direction. 
And I love thinking about life in this way – a series of tiny choices. Even the seemingly innocuous ones can create an effect, a binding action. This is what we call karma. 
So today be aware of the thousands of little choices you make. Whether to eat that, read that, say that, say yes, say no, put it off, do it right away. Ask yourself, is this leading me to live a high-grade life? Because transformational change occurs with lots of little things over time, not sweeping statements that don’t stick.
Sent with love,
Jac  x

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