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L E T T E R – A Series Of Little Choices

Brene always delivers the pithy statements, doesn’t she? I love thinking about authenticity this way, a series of tiny commitments. Every moment there is a decision being made. Literally all the time, we are making choices that might feel innocuous and small, but pack a punch over time.

I love placing my awareness as many times as I can in making higher grade decisions. Choices that are aligned with what I want to experience in life. Sometimes this is as small as saying no to that cupcake (don’t want the sugar high) or getting setting my alarm 15 minutes early to not rush my tea and meditation. Sometimes it is waking up and giving myself an extra 30 minutes sleep. When I frame everything as ‘is this going to serve me’; this conversation, that comment, this little story, honestly even stopping to pat this dog, not answering a text at the traffic lights – everything is far more vivid and alive.

Having our actions aligned with our most authentic self is living from the heart, and not the ego.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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