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L E T T E R – AUTHENTICITY Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

This week, we will place our awareness and our attention on Authenticity. Ooooh this is such a juicy one. I really recommend spending some time journaling around this piece and keep it front of mind all week.

Things to look into this week;
How do define authenticity and me at my most authentic?
Where do I feel utterly authentic in my life? With who, in what situations and what moments?
Where do I not? Am I altering myself for social situations, work situations and other moments and why?
When I am in the world aligned to my heart and soul, how do I feel? How committed am I to being this all the time, not just sometimes?
Are there particular triggers that make me fall out of alignment? How can I work on these to lessen their impact?
Am I surrounding myself with authentic people? If not, why not? The mirror neurones of the brain, the ‘monkey see monkey do‘ part of the brain are incredibly powerful. I can’t recommend more surrounding yourself with authentic people. The editing process might result in loneliness for a little while, but better to have high-grade relationships with others than compromise and lower your authenticity and vibration all together. What might this look like?

Intentions I have started doing with you all weekly. I hope you’re enjoying them as I really wanted to collectively set an intention and discover what it means to each of us. Meditation is a path to self-discovery, and with Integrated Meditation, we aim to combine a daily meditation practice with education and inspiration to be our highest grade selves. I hope these Intentions serve as moments to gather yourself. I suggest every week journaling your findings and allowing yourself to saturate in the moments where your intentions were fully realised, and also to gently learn from the moments you lost the path.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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